ECO-friendly and safe chemistry for cleaning & maintenance, disinfection and wastewater treatment

We supply natural and sustainable products based on biodegradable chemistry, safe for the environment and for the end user.

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  • Touchless Wall Dispenser 1500ml

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  • TRIFU ODOUR – Microbiological odour remover

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Environmentally friendly cleaning products are fundamental to sustainable, green cleaning

At Trifu, our goal is to create a positive impact on the working environment, the productivity in the workplace with ECO-friendly, sustainable cleaning & maintenance products.

Bad chemistry is harmful to both humans, animals, and to the nature. Unfortunately more and more bad chemistry is entering our daily lives, and here the traditional cleaning agents are a big sinner. Far too many of them are filled with harmful chemistry, which is non-biodegradable and has a negative impact on the nature around us.

There are many myths that environmentally friendly cleaning products are not as effective as the traditional, chemical-based cleaning products. The side effects of using poor chemistry have not been taken into account and where one has only focused on the cleaning ability.

Our environmentally friendly and sustainable products are based on microbiology, which is NOT harmful to the environment and humans, but is still as effective as the traditional, chemistry-based cleaning products, albeit even better.

Research in microbiology and the development of new technologies have made it possible to produce cleaning products based on microbiology without compromising on cleaning ability.

We offer these benefits here at Trifu in the form of gentle products for general cleaning in the home, as well as sustainable industrial cleaning products.

Together we can reduce the negative effects of harmful chemicals by using environmentally friendly products in our everyday lives.

About the technologies

In our products, we use advanced technologies within microbiology, organic chemistry and disinfection, which, depending on the application, must ensure the right solution for the customer.

Microbiological chemistry

Cleaning, maintenance of:

  • Kitchen, toilet, shower, living room, tables, floors, textiles, etc.
  • Odor removal.
  • Microbiological addition to wastewater tanks.

Our environmentally friendly product line based on microbiology is an intelligent and easy way to clean.

For our series, special bacterial strands have been selected, the purpose of which is to break down organic material such as grease, dirt, odors etc.

Organic material is "food" for the microorganisms, which decompose immediately and help to release dirt from the surface, so it can be washed off more easily.

If, for example, you have cleaned a surface, the microorganisms will remain as a protective layer that keeps the surface cleaner for a longer period of time. Furthermore, one will find that the same surface will be easier to clean time and time again.

Organic chemistry

Rough cleaning of:

  • Warehouses, workshops and tanks.
  • equipment, motors, machines, etc.

Our organic chemistry is based on nature's own ingredients and can, among other things. used for rough and special cleaning jobs within removal of oil, graffiti, lime / urine stones etc.

This series of products is extremely effective and must i.a. replace hazardous and environmentally harmful chemicals found on the market, primarily within industry.

Trifu offers an alternative with sustainable industrial cleaners.


Disinfection of:

  • Hands and surfaces.
  • Floor stands and dispensers.
  • Fog machines for surface disinfection.

Efficient and gentle series of hand and surface disinfectant products that do not contain alcohol. The products use a biocidal active ingredient, are EN-tested and approved for use in accordance with the instructions of the Statens Seums Institut and the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

The active ingredient is also registered in the EU BPR Regulation, a body under ECHA.