Hand disinfection

Use hand sanitizer – stop the chain of infection and cross-contamination!
Trifu HAND RUB is a smooth hand disinfectant that does not smell, is gentle on the skin (sensitive tested) and gives you maximum protection.

Trifu HAND RUB contains neither alcohol nor perfume and is non-combustible.

Trifu HAND RUB is available in varying sizes as needed. See i.a. our beautiful non-contact dispensers and floor stands.

About the impact:
Trifu HAND RUB contains a biocidal active ingredient that effectively fights pathogenic bacteria and fungi as well as coat-bearing viruses. This hand infection does not evaporate from the hands, but puts a protective layer against bacteria and works against viruses for a longer period of time.

  • Floor stand with touchless dispenser

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  • Touchless Wall Dispenser 1500ml

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  • TRIFU HAND RUB 1 ltr refill

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  • TRIFU HAND RUB 12x60ml

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  • TRIFUHAND RUB 5×1 ltr refill

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