Surface disinfection

HERO SURFACE Surface Disinfection breaks the chain of infection and prevents cross-contamination.

HERO SURFACE is an effective disinfectant that can be used to advantage on all conceivable surfaces where humans interact and where there is a potential risk of infection.

Contains neither perfume nor alcohol and is non-flammable.

HERO SURFACE is available in various sizes and with accessories, as needed. See i.a. our “handy” cold mist machine that is easy to operate and can disinfect large areas.

About the impact:
HERO SURFACE has a biocidal active ingredient that effectively fights pathogenic bacteria, fungi and mantle viruses. The product does not evaporate from the surface and thus protects against bacteria and viruses for a long time.


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  • TRIFU SURFACE 6x600ml Spray

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  • ULV COLD FOG MACHINE 1.6 ltr (with cable)

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