TRIFU GRAFFITI - Effective organic graffiti remover

TRIFU GRAFFITI is a powerful organic solution-based product for removal of graffiti. Ideal solution for effective removal of:

  • Aerosol graffiti, oil and water based paint, spray paint
  • Permanent ink, pen ink (non-permanent dye)
  • Contact glue (remnants of cell tape), glue insert and Blue Tack.

Can be used:

  • Most hard surfaces except rubber / latex (care of polycarbonates and laminates)
  • Vehicle paint (road and rail transport) and blue metal
  • Glass (incl. Windscreen)
  • Ceramic tiles and melamine.
  • Stone, brick, concrete, paving slabs and other porous surfaces.


  • Does not contain acids nor is it corrosive
  • Fast acting
  • Does not smell
  • Does not emit vapors

Recommended use:
Always used 1: 1

Technical description:

TRIFU GRAFFITI is a powerful organic solvent-based product for removal of graffiti from a variety of surfaces.

The product is ONLY for professional use.

TRIFU GRAFFITI is an environmental and safe alternative to highly caustic and hazardous chemicals used in industry.

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