TRIFU POWER - Efficient organic cleaner

TRIFU POWER is a concentrated, versatile and powerful cleaning product for removal of oil, grease and dirt. The product is created from nature’s own plant esters, good for the environment and safe for the user.

Can be used:

  • Cooker hood and stove.
  • Warehouse floors, engine rooms & workshops
  • Clean engine parts, filters and other equipment.
  • Oil tanks and containers.


  • Economical in use
  • Biodegradable, environmentally friendly and safe
  • Several products in one

Recommended use:
Regular cleaning 1:20
Heavy duty cleaning 1:10

Technical description:

TRIFU POWER is a unique and powerful degreaser for removal of oil, grease and dirt from non-porous surfaces. Highly concentrated and works effectively at very low concentrations. Can be used for the most stubborn cleaning jobs.

The product comprises of bio-based detergents and plant ester, which provides a unique environmental profile.

Formulated as “quick splitting” (microemulsion) to improve the cleaning ability with minimal impact on, e.g. bilge water systems, water and oil separators, etc.

TRIFU POWER is an environmental and safe alternative to highly caustic and hazardous chemicals used in industry.

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