TRIFU HAND RUB 5×1 ltr refill

Filling your dispenser has never been easier. Avoid inconvenient spilling with TRIFU Hand Rub refill. The TRIFU dispenser delivers a smooth foam, that doesn’t smell and is gentle to your hands.

Minimum order: 1 box of 5x1ltr

Info about TRIFU HAND RUB:
TRIFU HAND RUB is a smooth and dermatology-tested (skin-friendly) hand disinfectant, that effectively kills pathogenic bacteria and envelope viruses.

TRIFU HAND RUB has an emollient effect, is gentle on the hands and doesn’t contain alcohol or perfume. The product does not evaporate from the hands and has a prolonged effect against bacteria and envelope viruses. By using TRIFU HAND RUB you break the chain of infection and prevent cross-contamination.

EN1500 – hand hygiene
EN14476 – virucidal (envelope virus)
EN1276 – bactericidal
EN13727 – bactericidal (medical)
EN13624 – fungicides and yeasts (Candida)

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