TRIFU ODOUR – Microbiological odour remover

TRIFU ODOUR is a highly effective odour remover based on microbiology. The product encapsulates and breaks down odour particles. Can be used on all surfaces, incl. textiles.

If the odour nuisances are too strong, you can use TRIFU ODOUR preventively prior to cleaning a surface.

Can be used:

  • Kitchen waste or waste containers
  • Freezer, basement or storage room
  • Toilets & urinals.
  • Blankets, clothes, bedding, etc.


  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • Encapsulates and breaks down odour particles so that the odour does not re-occur.
  • Can be used on all surfaces.

Recommended use:
Always used 1: 1

Technical description:
TRIFU ODOUR is a unique composition of natural benign bacterial cultures that encapsulates the “odor molecule” and breaks down the organic cause of the odor preventing it from re-occuring.

Can be used on all surfaces, hard and soft. For larger areas, you can use our cold fogging machine to remove the odour.

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