TRIFU SCALE is a biodegradable acid replacement based on organic salt. Can be used for acidification, descaling, removal of urine stone, rust etc.

The product is designed as an environmental and safe alternative to corrosive and dangerous acids.

Can be used for:

Heavy duty cleaning:

  • Removal of urine stone or scale buildup in drains, toilets or urinals.
  • Cleaning of plate heat exchangers
  • Cleaning of coolers.
  • CIP cleaning.

Minor descaling tasks:

  • Toilet and kitchen fixtures
  • Tiling
  • Other


  • Safe alternative to traditional harsh acids
  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • Does not damage surfaces, equipment, parts, etc. (unlike traditional acids)
  • Several products in one

Recommended use:
Regular cleaning 1:20
Heavy duty cleaning 1:10

Technical description:

TRIFU SCALE is a safe and biodegradable descaling and rust removal product. The technology consists of a composition from organic salt, with built-in degreasing properties to ensure improved results when cleaning. The product also contains a corrosion inhibitor that protects the cleaned metal surface. The product is effective for removing scale or other organic build-up. Can be used as a problem solver for blockages, but can also be used for preventive maintenance. The product dissolves the organic material and liquefies the material without settling.

TRIFU SCALE is an ideal replacement of other strong and corrosive mineral acid products, which are used in both private and industrial contexts.

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