TRIFU SOLVE – Natural solvent

TRIFU SOLVE is an effective natural and biodegradable solvent, an ideal solution for removal of:

  • Sticky material – Chewing gum, contact glue, super glue etc.
  • Color / Paint etc. Permanent ink, ballpoint pen ink (non-permanent dye), corrective lipstick, etc.
  • Other Wax, light wax, shoe polish, oil and grease.

Can be used:

  • Hard smooth surfaces, incl. glass.
  • Soft surfaces such as; Textiles, rugs, mats, seats.

DO NOT USE on non-vulcanized rubber, latex or polycarbonates !!


  • Organic and fully biodegradable
  • Effectively cleans / dissolves without damaging
  • Does not contain harmful solvents
  • Safe for user and environment.

Recommended use:
Always used 1: 1

Technical description: TRIFU SOLVE is a natural and effective solvent used on hard and soft surfaces. The product is fully biodegradable and safe to use. TRIFU SOLVE is a gel that is a fusion of alcohols and amphipathic polar molecules and extracts of essential oils. An environmental and safe alternative to highly caustic and hazardous chemicals used in industry.

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