Refinery/Petrochemical (aliphatic hydrocarbons, polyaromatic, solvents, DRO, TPH, complex HC, hard COD)

A special blend of microbial cultures selected and adapted to degrade alkanes, and which is also highly
effective on BTEX, DRO, phenol, polynuclear aromatics, sulphides, alcohol, and other similar solvents.
The product has the ability to improve removal of toxic or difficult to degrade complex mixtures of
organic compounds. At the same time the product improves settlement of biological solids, correct low
or inconsistent MLVSS, and control foam due to incompletely degraded organics.


  • Can live in salinities ranging from 1-10%
  • Performs within a broad temperature range between 4°C to 35°C
  • Can degrade a wide range of alkyl, aromatic and substituted hydrocarbons
  • Utilizes a wide variety of alkanes, a type of hydrocarbon in its metabolic process as it source of energy to break down oil into harmless compounds
  • The bacteria cultures in WWT400 produce a bio-surfactant
  • Effective for the treatment waste waters containing large amounts of aromatics (eg COD>50,000 mg/l) and land remediation projects (eg TPH >50,000 mg/kg)
  • Improves maximum rates of organic removal as measured by BOD, COD and TOC
  • Provides higher bacterial growth to improve stability in response to organic overloads
  • Reduces toxicity to autotrophic nitrifiers to allow the initiation and maintenance of high rates of biological ammonia removal in waste water application
  • Provides the ability to degrade a wide spectrum of recalcitrant industrial chemicals
  • Improves the waste treatment system stability
  • Enhances flocculation in activated sludge
  • Facillitates rapid recovery from load-related shock caused by high COD loading and flows as well as toxic upsets
  • Reduces the impact of production increases or changes in effluent quality
  • Enables more rapid plant, seasonal or maintenance start-up




10 kg plastic pail

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