ULV COLD FOG MACHINE 1.6 ltr (with cable)

Light weight, handy and powerful cold fogging machine for disinfecting larger areas.

Price v. purchase of 5 machines: DKK 7,500.00 incl. VAT (Regular price: DKK 9,375) – Save 20%

Application: Disinfection
Application area: Indoor; eg. Hotel, Restaurant, Fitness Center, Offices
Size: 401 x 186 x 118mm
Tank capacity: 1.6L
Power: 200W / 240VAC
Cable length: 4.7m
Net weight: 1.55kg
Effective range: 4-5m
Drop sizes: 30-60µm
Consumption: 25-350ml / Min

ULV cold mist machines are mainly used for disinfectants, biocides, fungicides and pesticides, but can also be used with odour removal product. Our ULV cold fogging machine generates a mist formed by Ultra Low Volume (ULV) droplets with a diameter of 30-60 microns (μm). Studies have shown that drops below 50 μm are ideal for tackling disease-causing microorganisms and pests.


TRIFU SURFACE is an effective surface disinfectant with a biocide as active ingredient. Kills pathogenic bacteria and envelope viruses.

TRIFU SURFACE does not evaporate from the surface and thus it has a prolonged effect protecting against bacteria and viruses. By using TRIFU SURFACE you break the chain of infection and prevent cross-contamination.

EN1276 – bactericidal
EN14476 – virucidal (envelope virus)
EN13727 – bactericidal (medical)
EN13624 – fungicides and yeasts (Candida)

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